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Help save the planet and your bank balance by installing the latest solar panels and battery storage systems to your home. Our energy saving systems will help the environment, reduce carbon emissions (not sure if it does, if it does then inc) and help you save up to £220 per year on your home energy bills*.

Why Forever Green Energy?

What makes Forever Green Energy different from the rest?

Our mission is to create a better way of helping you choose the right green solutions for your home. No hard sales. No persuading you to install something that’s completely wrong for your home.
Just honest advice, a high quality job and excellent customer service.

Our Services

Solar Panel Installation For Your Home

We install Solar Panels Across The UK. Huge Savings. Great Service.
With a Forever Green Solar panel installation you can:

  • Reduce bills
  • Get paid to Generate Electricity


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Photo of Solar Panel

*Data from the Energy Saving Trust (Feb 2019)

Battery Storage Provides Maximizes the Generation of Renewable Energy for Your Home

Battery storage allows you to store the excess energy that you generate during daylight hours that is not required to support your usage.

With a Forever Green Solar battery storage installation you are:

  • Become even less Reliant on Your Energy Supplier
  • Store the excess energy that you generate during daylight hours
  • When your solar panels are unable to generate enough electricity in the colder, darker months, the excess in the battery storage is utilised


*Data from the Energy Saving Trust (Feb 2019)

Generate 100% of your domestic hot water with Renewable Energy

With a Thermodynamic Heating System installation you can:

  • Generate 100% off your hot water with renewable energy
  • Works day and night 24/7, 365 days a year whatever the weather
  • Slim & discrete panel fitted to any exterior wall or roof

*Data from the Energy Saving Trust (Feb 2019)

Looking for an effective way to heat your home and hot water?

Get a Heat Pump installed in your home that will last up to 20 years.
With a Heat Pump installation you can:

  • Heat pumps are a great renewable energy solution
  • Be in control of the fuels you choose to generate your energy
  • Reduce your energy bills and do your bit for the environment too

*Data from the Energy Saving Trust (Feb 2019)

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