Solar Panel Cleaning

Clean and protect your panels for up to 10% improved performance
ref: National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) study

scratched panel

Solar panel cleaned with stiff brush for six years.

Why specialist cleaning?

Panels need to be cleaned and using specialist brushes. Stiff bristle brushes and detergent can disrupt and anti-reflective coatings on solar panels, creating a long-term permanent loss as shown in the example on the left.

Our cleaning process uses distilled and de-ionised water with a revolutionary biodegradable nanotech cleaning agent. This method not only cleans your panels but also applies a protective antistatic and anti-adherent coating that repels dirt more effectively than ever before.

Lichen treatment

Forever-Green’s "clean and protect" process ensures your panels remain pristine, maximising the power they generate from the sun.

If you've noticed lichen – a common issue for about a third of solar installations – it requires special attention as it will continue to spread and decrease system efficiency. If you try to scrub or scrape the lichen you risk damaging your panels, voiding the warranty and after a short time the lichen will recolonise and spread faster.

lichen growth

Our targeted lichen treatment includes a specialist biodegradable biocide to eliminate the bacteria that cause lichen growth. This two-step process involves an initial visit to apply the biocide, leave this to work for 24 hours and the we follow this with our standard cleaning and protective treatment. This process will leave your panels with a coating that will seal the panel inhibiting future lichen growth bonding with the glass.

This comprehensive service is offered for a reduced additional fee per panel for us to visit on two days and includes all required specialist products.

In our commitment to transforming your solar panels back to their 'as new' working condition, we've streamlined our process to a quick, low-cost professional maintenance service.

What makes Forever Green Energy different from the rest?

Our mission is to create a better way of helping you choose the right green solutions for your home. No hard sales. No persuading you to install something that's completely wrong for your home. Just honest advice, a high quality job and excellent customer service.


“Forever Green’s was the only company who sold the system on the science first. And what’s more, the quote was one of the most competitive.”

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