Case Studies


Reducing Oil Consumption With A Thermodynamic Heating System

Living out in the countryside and being reliant on oil George Andrews wanted reduce the running costs of his home. His focus was to stop using oil to heat his water.


Very Price Competitive – Already Generating Savings

I instantly knew when I met the representative from Forever Green that he was the most knowledgeable.We loved his no 'hard-sell' approach and instantly knew that Forever Green were the right company for us.


Solar Panels Provide Energy Security

The desire for energy security was the driving force behind Kevin Higgins’ decision to invest in renewable energy technology.


Family Recommendation Leads To Solar Panel Installation

Bryan Granger hadn’t considered solar panels for his home until he discovered the benefits and savings he could achieve.


Becoming Energy Neutral with Solar Panels

It was the opportunity of a sound investment and the green aspect of renewable energy that appealed to Eric Baker and his wife when they considered solar panels for their home.


Solar Panels Provide a Great ROI

A good investment with a great return and an effective way to reduce his energy bills were the main selling points for Christopher Pether when he considered installing solar panels on his property.


Electricity Bill Reduced by Half

Reducing her energy bills wasn't the only reason Elizabeth Tovey chose to get solar panels for her home. She'd always fancied them and says, "I think it's a wonderful idea using the sun to warm us up."


Solar Panels Equal Free Electricity

Noel Walter knows a good investment when he sees one. So it’s no surprise that he opted for solar PV panels to be fitted to his garage in his quest to reduce his energy bills and do his bit for the environment.


A Win-Win Solution to Rising Energy Costs

Sophie Hunt was no stranger to the idea of using solar panels to generate her own energy and reduce her energy bills. Despite having defective solar film panels on her previous property, Sophie wasn’t deterred from finding an effective renewable energy solution for her home.


Solar Panels: A No-Brainer for Reducing Energy Bills

For software architect, Russ Freeman, the rising cost of his electricity bill and the idea of becoming greener were the incentives he needed to install solar panels on the roof of his house. Six months on and he’s reaping the rewards.


The Next Step in Self-Sufficiency

If you grow your own veggies, installing solar panels is the logical next step in self-sufficiency.

Retired GP Mike and his wife had done all the things like installing LED lights so the next logical step was a solar panel installation.


So Long Solar?

With the financial incentives being cut, does investing in solar still make sense?

Reading the headlines, you would be forgiven for thinking the heyday of solar had come to an end. But for people like Keith Jones, who farms beef cattle and arable crops on the banks of the River Severn in Gloucestershire, the financial incentives are only half the story.


“Forever Green’s was the only company who sold the system on the science first. And what’s more, the quote was one of the most competitive.”

Forever Green Customer

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