Outnumbered’s Tyger Drew-Honey visits Charity to see donated energy system in action

Tyger Drew-Honey, best known for playing Jake in BBC’s Outnumbered, recently visited Noah’s Ark Children’s Venture to see the renewable energy system in action that was donated by Forever Green Energy. The solar panel system will generate energy for the whole site and is projected to save vital charity funds of more than £20,000.
The state of the art solar panel system worth more than £6,000 was installed onto the roof of one of the main buildings at the Noah’s Ark Children’s Venture in Eastleach and will generate a large proportion of energy that is required by the centre, with the opportunity of selling any surplus electricity back to the national grid.
Richard Wilkinson, manager for the charity that provides a countryside escape to children living in deprived inner cities said, ‘we were looking at ways of saving money and cutting running costs and thought that solar panels would be an ideal solution. I got in touch with Forever Green Energy and Ben very kindly donated the system that will not only save us money but has the potential to also provide an income.’
Tyger Drew-Honey said, ‘I have known about this extremely worthwhile charity for a couple of years and it’s really great to hear that Forever Green Energy has supported them by donating the solar panel system. It’s so important to use green technology and for Noah’s Ark to be self-sufficient enables them to spend their all-important funds on benefiting the facility and the children it caters for, rather than paying for energy bills which can only be a good thing!’
Noah’s Ark Children’s Venture has been established for more than forty years and provides a countryside and rural experience for disadvantaged children living in inner cities. Thanks to donations from various national and local companies and trusts the centre can now accommodate up to 42 people.
Ben Williams, Director at Forever Green Energy said, ‘All of our customers have seen an excellent return on their investment and are enjoying massively reduced energy bills so Noah’s Ark can look forward to significantly reducing the amount they spend on energy too, plus they’re also reducing their carbon footprint.‘
Solar panels capture the suns energy and converts it into electricity and even on a cloudy day, the solar panels still generate power. To increase the uptake of renewable energy installations and to meet the EU’s ambitious 2020 targets for climate change, the Government has launched various funding and incentive schemes (FIT, RHI and Green Deal) that allow home and businesses to benefit considerably from installing green technologies.