What Can Solar Thermal Do For You?

When you’re considering investing in this kind of green energy, its important to ask “what can solar thermal do for you?”
I’ll use this article to explain what solar thermal is and how you can benefit from it.
Solar thermal technology uses the energy from the sun instead of fossil fuels to generate environmentally friendly and low-cost energy to heat your home.
It can reduce your energy bills and lower your carbon footprint all year round.
What is solar thermal heating?
Solar thermal uses the energy of the sun to heat fluids that can then be used in the home for the purpose of heating, cooling and washing. Unlike the conventional solar power storage system, solar thermal systems don’t produce electricity. Instead solar panels are used to generate heat.
Which? have explained the process brilliantly in this simple illustration:
What can solar thermal do for you?

Benefits of Solar Thermal Heating

You can enjoy several benefits from having a solar thermal water heating system installed in your home:
• A solar thermal heating installation can provide you with hot water all year round. When used alongside traditional heating systems they can provide over half of your hot water needs all year. In the summer months it can supply all of your hot water. By using the sun’s energy you can dramatically reduce your reliance on boiler heating systems.
• Using your boiler far less frequently and for shorter period of time will greatly reduce you energy bills.
• Unlike fossil fuels, the heat that is generated from your solar thermal heating installation will be carbon neutral. The energy from the sun is free and completely renewable so you will also benefit from a greatly lowered carbon footprint being created by your home.

Is solar thermal heating right for you?

Solar thermal can be perfect for any home, but there are some requirements that you will need to meet to be able to fully benefit from installation.
Here we explore what’s required for a solar thermal water heating system to be installed in your home:
• Firstly, you will need to have and identify appropriate space on your roof where the solar panels can be fitted. These will need to have a direct and unblocked view of the sun. The solar panels consist of a dark glazed absorber plate and either copper or silicone tubing in which the liquid is held and heated. You will need room for these to be fitted to be able to benefit from solar thermal heating installation.
• Secondly, you will need room for hot water storage to store the water after it has been heated until you need to use it. Typically this can be stored in the same room or airing cupboard as your boiler and can often be attached to the boiler too.
• Finally, you should consider whether your existing boiler will be compatible with the solar heater. To get the best out of your solar thermal water heating you need to be able to top it up when the sun is down so that you can always enjoy hot water. Check your boiler is compatible so that you can benefit from the power of the sun.

Want To Know More?

If you’d like to know more about solar thermal and whether it’s suitable for you, then please get in touch.