Save Money on Your Energy Bills

10 ways to Save Money on Your Energy Bills

Want to save money on your energy bills and cut energy costs without feeling the chill? Whilst you might not be able to beat the rising cost of energy, you can reduce your overall energy costs by making a few simple changes.

Follow our 10 top tips to Save Money on Your Energy Bills

Reduce your energy consumption and make serious savings this winter.

  1. Be savvy with your lighting

Flicking off that light switch doesn’t take much effort at all but can help you make savings on your energy bills. Make sure you turn lights out when they’re not in use and always make the most of natural light. It’s also important to maintain all your lighting fixtures, replacing inefficient lighting with energy-saving light bulbs. LED lights can dramatically reduce energy costs too, using around 90% less energy.

  1. Layer up

Throw on a jumper and turn down your thermostat. Turning down the heating by just one degree can cut a homeowner’s heating bill by almost £100 annually. The savings will be even greater in an office or warehouse space.

  1. Invest in energy-efficient products

While a D grade washer/dryer comes with a cheaper price tag it won’t be saving you money in the long run. All products are ranked from A++ to G, the grading reflecting the efficiency of the product. An A++ product will require a bigger initial investment but will ensure reduced energy bills now and in the future.

  1. Shop around for energy

One of the easiest ways to make savings is to shop around and switch to a cheaper energy supplier. Comparison websites like and will do all the hard work for you. For long-term savings and an energy independent future, we recommend considering a renewable energy source like solar power too.

  1. Get a new boiler

If you’ve got an old G-rated gas boiler, it’s worth getting an upgrade. While a new boiler comes with a hefty upfront cost, a modern, efficient model could cut your energy costs by more than £300 a year.

  1. Fill your washing machine and dishwasher to full capacity

With a regular washing schedule, you can ensure that all washing machine and dishwasher cycles only run when full. A full load uses less energy than two half loads and means less work for you too.

  1. Minimise heat loss in your home

Good insulation is key to maximising the warmth in your home. Double glazing also helps prevent heat escaping and can raise the temperature of your home. If you’re renting and unable to make these changes to your living space, keep the heat in with soft furnishings like curtains and draft excluders.

  1. Think about furniture placement

Did you know that the layout of your work or living space could affect the cost of your energy bills too? Avoid placing big items of furniture in front of the windows – this will only block the natural light. Likewise, furnishings placed in front of heaters will absorb the heat and prevent the rest of the space from getting warm.

  1. Turn off unused appliances

Instead of hitting the standby button, switch all unused technologies off.  Leaving all your technologies on standby can add an extra £30 to your energy bill each year.

  1. Research energy grants

Talk to your local council and research online to see if you’re eligible for grants or cost saving initiatives. Whether it’s a reduction in solar panel costs or a grant for a new boiler, there are plenty of schemes on offer.
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