Top Solar Energy facts

Solar energy is quickly becoming one of the globe’s most utilised alternative energy sources. With its non-polluting qualities, low cost and abundance, it’s no wonder so many consumers and businesses are turning to solar. Keen to find out more? We’ve got the top 8 facts about this natural energy source in this week’s blog…

  1. There’s an abundant source of solar energy

The earth receives 173 Petawatts of incoming solar radiation at any one time, making sunlight the most abundant source of free energy available to us. Although we can only harness a small amount of this, the sunlight available is more than enough to support power demands.

  1. Solar energy can be converted into power

Solar now competes with more traditional energy sources such as coal and oil as a viable power supply. Solar panels and solar thermal collectors allow solar energy to be converted into power and used for heating and electricity.

  1. It helps combat the Greenhouse effect

When you adopt solar energy, you do your bit for the environment. Solar energy is non-polluting and doesn’t release carbon dioxide or other harmful emissions like those released from fossil fuels.

  1. Solar is a leading form of renewable energy

As one of the earth’s free and abundant natural resources, solar energy is one of the best forms of renewable energy. Solar energy is naturally replenished and will never run out – unlike finite resources like fossil fuels. Other renewable energy technologies include wind power, hydroelectricity and biofuels for transportation.

  1. Solar energy can be used in all industries

Whether you work in the public sector, private sector or run your own farm, solar energy is a great option for powering your business. Furthermore, there are plenty of initiatives to support uptake across a range of industries. According to the Solar Trade Association, solar was owned by 670,000 homeowners, and thousands of businesses, farmers, schools and community groups in the UK in 2015

  1. Solar energy systems offer earning potential

As well as helping you save money on your energy bills, solar energy systems also offer earning potential. As a solar energy user, you can benefit from Government incentives such as the Feed In Tariff, which see you earning money from the energy you generate. You can also sell unused energy back to the grid.

  1. Solar energy systems = Cheaper energy bills

Solar panels can cut energy costs by as much as 50%. Once installed, the running costs are extremely low and aren’t variable like more traditional forms of energy. With solar panels, you’ll make long-term savings on energy costs and protect your home or business against future energy price rises.

  1. Solar energy can be stored

Solar energy becomes even more efficient and reliable when teamed with battery storage, also available at Forever Green Energy. Battery storage allows you to store any unused energy – boosting the efficiency of your solar panels and increasing your energy savings.
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