Benefit from the Feed In Tariff even when you relocate

There’s good news for businesses, landlords and tenants who wish to relocate and take their solar PV panels with them. New legislation, which comes into force in 2019, means they will still be eligible for payments through the Government’s Feed In Tariff (FIT).
New legislation for 2019
The Department of Energy and Climate Change has acknowledged that long-term ownership of buildings cannot be guaranteed. As a result it will allow medium and large building-mounted solarPVsystems to be moved between buildings from summer 2019. Previously businesses, landlords and tenants would lose their Feed In Tariff payments due to illegibility if they relocated.
Amber Rudd, Minister for Energy and Climate Change said of the changes, “SolarPVis already used by thousands of businesses and by removing barriers more will be able to reap the benefits of lower energy bills.
“People have the power to generate their own electricity and now there is even more of an incentive. Not only will rooftop solar drive down bills and create jobs, it will help us deliver the clean, reliable energy supplies that the country needs.”
Opening up renewable energy opportunities to the commercial sector
With approximately 250,000 hectares (equivalent to 350,000 football pitches) of suitable south-facing rooftops on commercial buildings available, the change will make investing in renewable energy technology much more appealing to this sector.
Certain changes will apply when the new legislation comes into force in 2019, including the definition of building-mounted solar under the Feed In Tariff. Buildings will be required to use at least 10% of the electricity generated, but solar installations are not required to remain the same size. Also, transfers will be allowed four years after the changes come into play and from then on at any point during the Feed In Tariff payment period.
You can find the Government response to the consultation here.
More changes for landlords
This news will be a bonus to landlords who have invested in renewable energy technology. As of 2018 they will be required to ensure their property scores E or above for energy performance in order for it to be suitable for rental.
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