We’d all like to significantly reduce our energy bills and do our bit for the environment whenever we can. Unfortunately, as of April 2019, government-backed funding for solar panel installation will stop, but there are other ways to embrace and implement renewable energy solutions.

Funding incentives which enable us to benefit from affordable green technology include the Time of Use Charge, Grid Trading, Frequency Response and the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Time Of Use Charge

With the time of use tariff, you pay different prices for electricity you use from the grid, depending on what time of day you use it.

So, you can choose to charge your EV or fill your battery up at off-peak times to save money.

Grid Trading

This is where you have your own solar system and battery storage and you decide when you need to charge from the grid.

You are in control of the stored electricity in your battery and you’re in control of how much, what price and when you can sell your electric back to the grid.

Frequency Response

This is where a utility company remotely manage your system and can trade and swap energy on your behalf in compliance with the National Grid’s dynamic frequency response service.

You can benefit from the savings with a credit system.

What you need to do next

Get in touch with our helpful and knowledgeable team on 01242 370 308 to discuss solar panel installation and how to make the most of these incentives to reduce your energy bills.

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Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

The Renewable Heat scheme enables participants with domestic and non-domestic properties to utilise green technology and reap the financial rewards over a seven year period.

Benefits of this Government incentive include, making money from the renewable energy you generate using green technology solutions such as, air source and ground heat pumps, solar thermal panels, Biomass-only boilers and biomass pellet stoves with integrated boilers, as well as reducing your energy bills.

The Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive scheme enables you to benefit from affordable green solutions to improve the energy-efficiency of domestic and non-domestic properties and reduce your energy bills.

How it works

The incentive hopes to encourage more homeowners and non-domestic sectors to embrace green technology. By doing so, participants who generate and heat domestic buildings via renewable energy are rewarded with quarterly payments over seven years. The payment amount is dependent on which green technologies you install and the latest tariffs.

Participants in non-domestic sectors, including industrial, commercial, public and non-for-profit, can benefit from the Renewable Heat Incentive for the life of the installations or up to maximum of 20 years.

Green technology solutions that improve the energy-efficiency of your building include, air source and ground heat pumps, solar thermal panels, Biomass-only boilers and biomass pellet stoves with integrated boilers.

What you need to do next

Give our friendly and helpful team a call on 01242 370 308 to discuss the installation of green technology solutions and how to make the most of the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme.

You can also find more information on the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme on the Government website and the Energy Saving Trust website.