If you’ve been researching ways to make your home more energy efficient, you may have come across the term solar battery storage. But what is solar battery storage and how does it work?

To ensure you’re up to speed on all the latest information, we’ve put together this short guide. It explains what domestic solar battery storage is, how it works and the benefits it could bring to you.

What is domestic solar battery storage?

Solar battery storage is a huge step towards energy independence.

Solar batteries allow you the ability to store up energy/power for your home when you really need it.

For example, you could store electricity generated via your solar panels during the day to use at night. This way, you won’t waste any electricity that has been produced when you don’t require it.

Solar battery storage can allow you to reduce your energy bills by over 30%.

How does it work?

Solar battery storage is commonly used when you have solar panels installed in your home.

So whether, you have solar panels installed now, or are considering them, using battery storage to store electricity you have generated will assist you in maximising the renewable energy you use.

Solar panels are only able to produce electricity when sunlight is present. This, therefore, creates an obvious issue when it is cloudy or dark and you still need energy for your home.

In this case, you would typically need to purchase electricity from the energy providers. However, when you use a solar battery storage system, this problem can be avoided.

A consistent source of free electricity

When you store any unused electricity that is generated via your solar panels, you will have a consistent source of free electricity powering your home.

Reducing the need to buy so much electricity from your energy provider.

This will not only cut the amount spend on your electricity bills, but it will help improve the efficiency of your solar panels.

So, in the long-term, solar battery storage systems can save you a long of money and energy, in your home.

The benefits of solar battery storage

We’ve discussed the obvious benefits of battery storage in your home, including reducing bills and improved efficiency of your solar panels. However, there are a few other benefits that should also be mentioned.

  • Helps you use more of the electricity you generate
  • You could make some extra cash as certain firms pay you for allowing them to use your battery to store any excess grid electricity
  • Could allow you to take advantage of cheap-rate electricity
  • Requires little maintenance. A solar battery storage system has been described as a ‘Fit and forget’ system, thanks to its ease of installation and maintenance

The use of solar battery storage systems is on the increase as more and more people invest in renewable energy to run their homes.

It seems like an obvious choice to use solar battery storage if you’ve already got solar panels, or if you are considering switching to renewable energy in the future.

With more and more companies are producing solar batteries you have reasonably wide choice and flexibility over prices and the system you choose.

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