New Smart Export Guarantee Updates

In news welcomed by the smart energy market, the government has announced that solar PV systems installed after April 1st, when the Smart Export Tariff is due to end, will be entitled to Smart Energy Guarantee (SEG) back payments.
The breakthrough arrives amid ongoing parliamentary discussions aimed at closing any gaps between the existing scheme and the proposed SEG that might disadvantage ordinary homeowners investing in solar.
The domestic solar panel industry has been placed under great strain in recent years due to a routine lack of policy continuity and clarity.
Difficulties in its supply chain and a skills shortage in the industry need to be urgently addressed in order to safeguard the delivery of the smart energy transition.
Commenting on the upcoming end-of-March cliff-edge, Ian Rippin, Chief Executive of MCS, had warned both the industry and consumers face “a deeply concerning policy hiatus which could go on for many months, hurting the industry and putting important frameworks for consumer quality assurance at risk.”
Despite the latest announcement, questions remain over when the SEG will be implemented, and in precisely what form.
The Solar Trade Association continues to lobby hard during the consultation process for, amongst other things, a fair minimum floor price for any exported energy back to the grid.
Regarding this issue, STA Chief Executive Chris Hewett had previously asserted that: “Fair treatment for households trying to do the right thing should not be in dispute, particularly given the Government provides market certainty and investment support to large-scale utilities.”
The STA’s cause has garnered far-reaching support in Parliament.
Earlier this month, Green Party Peer Baroness Jones, who tabled a Regret Motion in the Lords against the end of the scheme, said: “It is unbelievable that the Government isn’t actively helping people to invest in solar at a time when the climate breakdown chaos is reaching crisis point.”
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