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Solar Panel Installation Process Explained

The Solar Panel Installation Process Explained

If you’re thinking about having Solar installed or have one of our team booked, and want to know exactly how it all works, we have create a comprehensive guide that will talk you through the complete solar installation process on a domestic property.


Who will come to my house?

We would normally send out a team of 4 to your home to fit your new solar system. You’ll have have a project manager, 2 roofers and 1 electrician.
Your project manager will be there to make sure your install runs smoothly and is completed to our high standard, within timescale. He will also be there to talk you through the system and answer any questions you may have about your new solar panels.


Before we can get on your roof, we’ll arrange for scaffolding to be erected by a trusted supplier, so our roofers have a safe working platform.
The scaffold will go up no later than one day before your solar panel install, so there is time to check it’s safe for our installers.

Fitting Roof Anchors

The roof anchors are stainless steel hooks that will be screwed into the rafters of your roof to form a base for the mounting frame.
This won’t be visible once the panels have been fitted to your roof.
There are specific roof anchors for different types of tiles and are specialist installers will know which one is best for your roof.

Attaching the Mounting Frame

The mounting frame consists of two parallel aluminium bars or rails for each row of panels. The rails are locked into the roof anchors and then screwed into place.  We will ensure each bar is straight, and that all the bars are parallel for the best possible finish.

Installing the panels

With the mounting frame in place, the next step is to clamp the panels to the frame. We will make sure the panels are straight from both the roof and down on the ground too.
We understand that it’s not just the performance of the panels that’s important, they have to look good too. Our installers will talk to you about the panel layout and make sure your happy.

Wiring the panels

Our panels come pre wired by the manufacturer, so connecting them is fairly straightforward. How the panels are connected depends on a few variables like the system’s power, voltage and the position of the panels and shade on the roof.

Connecting to the Inverter

To connect up the system, we run DC wiring from the panels on your roof into your home. We try our best to hide as much of the wiring as possible in the loft space under the panels.
The DC wiring will be protected to stop the tiles above damaging the wires over time.
If you have a slate roof, we will cut a dress your tiles around the brackets and run any cables into the roof via the flashing around the brackets.

Inside Your Home

Inside your house our electrician will have to connect the inverter to your homes electricity supply. He will agree the position of the inverter with you before it’s mounted in place and install the necessary safety equipment to make sure the system is safe.
Your power will need to be switched off for about 30 minutes, while we install the consumer unit and generation meter along side the fuse box connected to your existing supply.

Commissioning the System

When everything is in place and all the wiring is complete, your project manager will power up the system.
The voltage readings will be sent to head office, and checked against the expected performance and confirm the system’s performing up to standard.
Then the last thing for us to do is to apply for your MCS certificate.

How long will it take?

A standard install can take between 1 – 3 days, depending on the type of roof tile you may have and access to your property.
But we will be able to give you a better idea of timescale on site survey, so you can plan for it well in advance.
For more information on Installing Solar Panels please Contact Us or get a Free Installation Quote.