Where the 3 Main Political Parties Stand on Green Energy

With only days to go before the general election, and the polls showing the gap between the two main parties narrowing. We wanted to give you a short summary of where the 3 main political parties stand on green energy:


The Conservatives are maintaining their position as global off-shore wind farm leader and building wind farms on Britain’s Islands. They’re committing to meeting the global commitments on climate change.


Labour are promising to meet the climate change targets already set, by taking energy back into public ownership and investing in renewables. They’re committing to creating more tidal lagoons, the new clean air act to legislate against diesel fumes and to ban fracking.

Liberal Democrats 

The Lib Dems are promising to increase the green electricity usage percentage to 60% by 2030, and to offer support for industries manufacturing electric and low emission vehicles.
They’re committing to meeting the climate change targets set out in the Paris Agreement and creating more ‘green homes’ and 0-carbon homes in the UK.
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