The benefits of renewable energy

We’re pretty sure you’re up to speed on what constitutes renewable energy, but just in case you’re not, here’s a refresher.
Renewable energy is essentially energy harnessed from natural resources that are naturally replenished. These include water, wind and the sun.
What are the benefits of renewable energy for the environment?
Renewable energy technology allows us to produce energy without having a detrimental effect on the environment. That’s because green technologies don’t create the air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions often associated with other energy sources. Also, the majority of renewable energy technologies don’t produce solid waste which can also contribute towards pollution.
What are the benefits of renewable energy for you?
Utilising the heat from the sun and converting it into energy, the installation of solar roof panels and air source and ground heat pumps can heat and light your home. This not only provides you with a clean and sustainable energy source, but it also reduces your utility bills. Also, when excess energy is sold back to the national grid through the Feed In Tariff, it can provide you with an additional income.
By using renewable energy technology you can reduce your carbon footprint, which in turn will benefit the environment.
What funding and incentives are available?
The cost of installation can often seem beyond your budget, but Government funding and incentives are available to enable households to take full advantage of the latest renewable energy technology.
As mentioned briefly before, the Feed In Tariff enables the affordable installation of solar panels. Through the scheme, the Generation Tariff also allows you to earn a fixed income for every kilowatt hour of electricity you generate. This is regardless of whether you use it in your property or sell it back to the grid. And the scheme’s Export Tariff enables you to you to earn an additional fixed income for every kilowatt hour of electricity you sell back to the grid too.
The Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive scheme enables you to benefit from affordable green solutions to improve the energy-efficiency of domestic and non-domestic properties and reduce your energy bulls.
Whereas the Green Deal scheme allows you to make energy-saving improvements to your home that also result in lower energy bills.
How Forever Green Energy can help you
As an MCS certified installer who’s accredited by 8.33 Solar and a member of the RECC and IWA, we can advise on and install many forms of renewable energy technology. Why not get in touch to find out how we can help you and for more details on the many Government funding and incentives available to help with the costs of installation?