Installing Solar Panels On Your Roof

3 Things To Think About Before Installing Solar Panels On Your Roof

Solar panels are continuing to grow in popularity, and for good reason! They’re generally viewed as being an accessible foray into the world of renewable energy, and technology has got to the point that they’re efficient enough to keep up with energy needs of most domestic properties.
As more people adopt solar panels, the better and more efficient they will become.
But that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you need to think about before you have solar panels installed on your property – as with any addition to your home it’s essential that you do the groundwork to decide if it’s right for you and if your property is suitable.
Here are three things to think about before installing solar panels on your roof:

Planning Permission

As solar panels can be, depending on the type you choose, quite an involved installation you may feel like you need planning permission. The odds are however, that you don’t.
Since 2008 solar panels have been considered as “permitted development”, which means it’s unlikely you will need to apply for planning permission unless your property is considered a listed building, or has other significant importance.
It’s important to remember, however, that even projects considered “permitted development” still have to fall within certain criteria, largely to do with the way the solar panels are to be installed on the property.
You can read up more details about the conditions necessary for solar panels to be classed as “permitted development” on

Building Regulations

If you don’t require planning permission to install solar panels on your roof, you still must conform to building regulations. That means that your property’s roof has to be in good enough condition to support the solar panels without any risk of damage or danger to anyone in or around the house.
This is where it’s essential to have proper surveying done and a report commissioned to ensure your roof is in good enough condition.
Also, consider where the property is placed. Does your roof actually get that much sunshine? While solar panels have been designed to even work on cloudy days, the more direct the sunlight you can get the more efficient the roof is going to be.
You can find more information on the conditions your roof must satisfy on

The Right Solar Panel

Depending on your requirements and how you currently power your home, you may find that one type of solar panel will serve you better than another. For example, a PV (photovoltaic) solar panel will be the right choice if you’re actually hoping to use the solar panels to generate electricity.
There are others however, such as solar thermal panels that are installed differently into your house and affect your water heating system instead. There are also hybrid panels becoming available which seek to blend the best of both PV and solar thermal panels to generate energy and heat water.
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