battery storage and why you need it

Battery storage and why you need it

If you’ve already made the move to solar panels or are considering them, then make sure you consider battery storage too. Why? Because battery storage allows you to benefit even further from the great advantages of solar PV by reducing your energy bills.
What is battery storage and why do I need it?
Battery storage is a great addition to your solar panel system. It allows you to store the surplus energy you generate during the day to use at night or in periods when your usage exceeds the amount of energy generated. This is particularly handy in the colder, darker winter months when less energy is generated by your solar panels but more is required to heat your property.
Will using battery storage affect my Feed-In Tariff payments?
If you already have or are thinking about solar panels, then the Government’s Feed-In Tariff scheme will enable you to make money from the electricity you generate. Your energy supplier will pay you a set amount of money for each unit of electricity you generate and use, and if you generate surplus energy you can sell it back to the grid.
Battery storage won’t affect your Feed-In Tariff payment, but as you will be storing and using more of the energy you generate the amount you sell back to the grid will be reduced.
Also, with the recent news that Government cuts are set to affect the Feed-In Tariff rates and result in lower payments, it makes sense to invest in battery storage. That way you will be more self-sufficient and benefit more from the energy you generate.
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Will I still need to buy electricity from energy suppliers?
Battery storage will enable you to become less reliant on energy suppliers. If you already have solar panels you may have found that you needed to buy back electricity during the periods when your solar panels weren’t generating enough energy to power your usage.
With battery storage you’re storing the excess energy you generate on a daily basis. That means that when your solar panels can’t generate enough energy you can use your stored energy instead of relying on the grid. And if you still have surplus energy, you can sell it back to the grid to boost your income.
Can battery storage be fitted to my existing solar panel system?
Yes, battery storage can be retrofitted to most solar PV systems. Battery storage can also be expanded if you find you’re generating more excess energy than you can use or currently store.
I’m interested, what happens now?
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