Forever Green Energy sponsors Devil Mud Run

As one of the sponsors of Cheltenham’s Devil Mud Run, local renewable energy supplier, Forever Green Energy, is delighted at the success of the recent community event. Over 4,000 competitors took on the challenging 8 kilometre course on 26th and 27th September to raise money for charity.
The Devil Mud Run saw both serious contenders and fun runners pushed to the limit as they faced 31 man-made and natural obstacles in a bid to complete the gruelling course.
One such runner was Jenny Jervis, who competed as part of the fifty-strong Studio Fit team to raise money for the National Star College. Prior to the Devil Mud Run, Jenny attended weekly outdoor training sessions run by Studio Fit, based in Leckhampton, Cheltenham, to get both members and non-members ‘mud run-ready.’ Jenny said, “Without the help and support of Studio Fit, the course would’ve been much harder.”
It wasn’t all mud, sweat and tears for Jenny though, “It was an amazing, well organised, really fun event that I will definitely do again. The stewards were great, really supportive and gave you the boost you needed when you got tired.”
Other highlights included the spectacular views over the Cotswolds and the camaraderie of the participants involved, “It’s so nice that strangers stop to make sure you’re okay and pull you out when you get stuck in the mud – literally!”
Jenny survived the Devil Mud Run “pretty unscathed” with “just a couple of bruises”, but said that many a trainer became victim to the mud during the 8 kilometre course, “I witnessed three people either pull their trainer out of the mud or just leave their trainers behind and carry on bare foot!”
Support from the Cotswold community and local, as well as national businesses, was impressive this year.
Forever Green Energy, one of the sponsors of the Devil Mud Run, are no strangers to the harsh extremes of working outdoors whilst installing green energy solutions in the Gloucestershire area.
Founder and director, Ben Williams, said, “Mud, sweat and tears are part of our daily life. Well, maybe not the tears! But we’re constantly battling the elements and overcoming unforeseen obstacles in order to install the best renewable energy solutions for our customers. That’s why sponsoring the Devil Mud Run really appealed to us. We’re delighted that so many people took part in this fun, yet challenging local event to raise loads of money for charity.”
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