Solar Panels for the Home

What are solar panels and how do they work


The solar panel is the ultimate clean, renewable energy source for your home. As well as being the greenest way to power your home, you’ll also benefit from long term financial freedom from the continuous rise of energy companies.

Continuing improvements to solar technology mean through energy storage, EV’s and effective energy management there has never been a better time to take advantage of this exciting green technology.


Solar Panels

Roof top solar panels are an efficient and reliable system that will help you reduce your utility bills and generate free electricity.

A solar panel uses an array of photovoltaic (PV) cells to generate electricity using semi-conductors. When the sunlight hits each PV cell, electrons are released creating an electric current that produces the power you need.

Solar Inverter

  1. The solar panel harness the suns rays and converts it into DC (direct Current) power.
  2. The inverters job is to “invert” the DC current from your panels into AC (alternating current) so it can be fed into the grid.
  3. Your inverter is connected to your AC fuse box in your house which will then provide you with the power you need for your sockets and outlets.

Power Your Entire Home

A solar panel installation will provide you with all the power needed to supply your entire home with electricity.


Storage Batteries

If you want to make the most of all the energy your solar panels provide, a battery storage system is the perfect solution.

Battery storage allows you to collect any excess energy from your PV panels to use as you see fit.

EV (Electric Vehicle) Chargers

Your solar panels can also be used to power a home EV charger, not just making it easier to charge your car but allowing you to charge your car for free using a renewable energy source.


Why Should I Invest in Solar Panels?

Solar panels are the perfect green energy solution if you’re looking for the best way to reduce your utility bills and generate renewable, sustainable energy.

Getting Solar Panels Installed at Home

We can give you honest advice on the best green solution that’s best for your home to help you save energy and money.


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