Do Solar Panels Really Save You Money?

Do Solar Panels Really Save You Money?

There is a very simple and short answer to the question — do solar panels really save you money? In a word: yes. But why and how? Let us explain…

Reliable and Renewable

First, some basic physics: the sun will rise and set tomorrow — that is a simple, heartening fact. Experts say that the sun will be around for more than seven billion years, so it’s an utterly reliable and renewable energy source.
Fossil fuels (such as coal, gas and oil), on the other hand, will run out before long – in mere decades in some cases.
So why would anyone continue to rely solely on non-renewable energy sources, especially if harnessing the sun’s energy is almost always the far cheaper option?

Power Your Own Home

Electricity bills are as predictable as the sunrise, but far less welcome. Many families are spending more than four figures per year on powering their homes, using electricity that comes from expensive national grids.
But if you install solar panels instead, you could generate your own electricity at no cost (apart from the installation fees). Even if you don’t generate enough to offset 100% of your usage, you could be looking at an annual saving of more than 20% on your current bill.
It’s worth noting that homes with a south-facing roof stand to benefit most from solar panels, although east- and west-facing roofs are viable too.

Take Control of Your Energy

As the one-off cost of solar panel installation falls — and it is falling year on year as demand increases — electricity costs are soaring globally due to a rise in the cost of wholesale energy, a trend that looks set to continue.
As such, it makes total sense to switch to solar energy as soon as possible. On top of this saving, some governments (the UK, for example) operate schemes that will actually pay you for the unused energy your solar panels generate.
Even better, there is the option to get more from your panels with a battery storage system which allows you to store unused energy and use it when you want — you could produce electricity in the daytime and then use it at night, for example.

Solar Means Clean

There are other tangible benefits to choosing solar panels. Not only is solar energy renewable, but it is also 100% clean and environmentally friendly: solar panels do not emit any harmful Co2 (a huge problem with fossil fuels), nor do they produce any noise pollution.
Once installed, the panels are also very easy to maintain, as they do not contain any moving parts. Another less obvious benefit is to the value of your house. Any potential buyer would see the benefit of investing in a new home that provides cheaper, cleaner energy.
These are all benefits that directly affect you in a positive way, but consider the bigger picture as well: installing solar panels is a guaranteed way to reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment in the long term. The future really is bright if you switch to solar.