The Ultimate Solar System For Home

The Ultimate Solar System For Your Home

A home solar energy system is considered a smart financial investment by homeowners the world over. But there are a number of important factors to consider to make sure you’ve got the ultimate solar system for your home.
One such factor is, which manufacturer to buy from?


When it comes to leading the way in the solar system for home technology, SunPower is at the forefront of the industry.
They provide performance beyond compare as well as innovation and sustainability that is unmatched.
With over 30 years of experience in the industry, SunPower has serviced residential, businesses, governments and schools around the world.
One of the key factors in their success lies with the highly efficient panels2, which produce more energy than the more conventional panels3.
This equates to customers requiring fewer panels, and as such, using less roof space whilst managing to generate the same amount of energy.
How does the world record-setting technology work though? What sets SunPower apart from the competition?

The SunPower Maxeon Cell

The Ultimate Solar System For Home
Comparing the Maxeon cell to conventional cells provided by other panel’s highlights exactly why SunPower are head and shoulders above the rest.
No grid lines on the front of the cell allow for the absorption of more sunlight than the standard cell that has lines of metal paste on the front of the cell.
Lines of metal paste on the front of a cell causes some light to be reflected and lost, which is a problem that the Maxeon cell simply doesn’t have.
Corrosion is also a thing of the past with the removal of grid lines from the front of the cell.
While conventional cells have even more metal paste on the back, Maxeon comes with a solid copper backing, adding far more strength as well as resistance to corrosion.
The final benefit of the Maxeon cell is the thick connectors that they use, which expand and contract depending on daily temperature with a built-in strain relief system.
Conventional cells use a weaker, thinner set of connections which are prone to loss. This causes failure of the entire cell and is pretty common.
Cell failure has been an issue for solar energy systems throughout the life of the technology. But with the unique design of SunPower solar cells, we’ve seen cell failures virtually eliminated as 85% of the causes of cell failure have been remedied.
Corrosion alone represents over 45% of the reason why cells fail. The Maxeon solar cell delivers unmatched reliability, allowing SunPower to create panels with record-breaking efficiency.

SunPower Premium Partners

Here at Forever Green Energy, we pride ourselves on working only with the best, allowing our customers to relax safe in the knowledge that they’re in good hands.
As a SunPower premium partner, we adhere to a very strict set of service standards and receive the most up to date training available.
Any system that you purchase from us is covered by the industry’s best 25-year combined power and product warranty, which provides even more peace of mind.
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