6 Things You Need to Know about Biomass Heating

If you’re looking for a cost effective and energy efficient way of heating your home and hot water, then biomass heating is the way to go.
1. What is biomass heating?
Biomass heating systems utilise sustainably sourced biomass fuels that when burned convert their energy into heat. Biomass fuels include organic waste, wood chips, pellets, logs and off cuts that would otherwise end up in landfill.
2. How does biomass heating work?
When connected to your central heating system, biomass heating burns organic materials to provide heating and hot water for your home. Designed to power your central heating and hot water system, biomass heating systems give you the flexibility to heat your entire home, a single room and even your under floor heating.
Essentially, biomass heating gives you greater control over what fuel you use to heat your property and allows you to be less reliant on energy suppliers.
3. How efficient is biomass heating?
Most biomass boilers run at an efficiency of 89-91%, however, easy to operate Biokompakt® Biomass Boilers have an efficiency rating of up to 94.3%. This is due to their Microcomputer which optimises efficiency and makes them a very reliable choice when considering biomass heating.
4. Does biomass heating require a lot of maintenance?
Biomass boilers do require regular maintenance. Depending on whether your biomass boiler has an auto-feed hopper or requires manual feeding, you’ll need to refuel it every 3-4 days or every few weeks. You’ll also need to empty out the ash produced as a result of burning biomass.
5. Can I use biomass heating all year round?
Yes, if you want to. Biomass heating is designed to run all year round, but can be turned off during warmer periods. For instance, during the summer you can utilise solar panels to heat your hot water instead of using your biomass heating system.
6. What funding and incentives are available for biomass heating?
The Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme is open to participants who utilise renewable heating solutions, such as biomass, for either domestic or non-domestic use. The scheme offers quarterly payments over seven years and is dependent on which green technology solution is implemented and the latest tariffs. Non-domestic sectors can benefit from the RHI for the life of the installations or up to a maximum of 20 years.
Biomass heating is more efficient than conventional gas boilers, allowing you to reduce your energy bills and benefit from regular payments through the Renewable Heat Incentive.
Get in touch if you’d like to find out more about biomass heating systems and how they can save you money whilst heating your home and hot water.