At Home EV Charging Makes Life Easier and Cheaper

Maybe you’re thinking about buying an electric vehicle, or maybe you already own one, but you’re looking for ways to make life easier and save money. Either way, home EV charging is definitely worth exploring.
Charging stations are more common than they used to be, but they are still far from as common as petrol pumps. Most people have to drive out of their way, often through a great deal of traffic, to find their nearest charging point if they suddenly find their charge running low on the way to or from work.
Even the fastest charging stations can take around half an hour to get up to 80% charge, and that half an hour might be the difference between being late to work or getting home in time to put your feet up before making dinner.

Miles More Convenient

Imagine you’re driving in heavy traffic, eager to get home after a long day, when you notice that your charge is running low. Do you drive to a charging station now during rush hour and tack on an extra 30-40 minutes to your journey home while you wait in line for a free charger and wait even longer for the car to charge?
Do you risk stopping off in the morning, possibly ending up late to work, and adding an extra stress to your morning routine? With home EV charging, you don’t have to worry about this scenario. Just leave your electric car charging at home overnight and wake up to a completely recharged vehicle.


Charging your car at home costs around half as much as using a rapid charge station found at service stations, and saves you the extra cost of driving to and from the service station on a regular basis.
If your nearest motorway services are more than a few miles out, that saving starts to make a real difference to your bottom line, without even taking into account the added savings offered by using solar power. Solar energy can actually bring costs down close to zero.

Sunshine Is Free

Installing solar panels won’t just contribute to your home EV charging station, they help with your total home electricity bill as well, with customers reporting a significant decrease in their monthly payments.
By using solar battery storage, like our smart battery Zappi, you can store the extra energy your panels have gathered during sunny days and use that to completely charge your vehicle overnight while you sleep.
All you have to do is plug in your car, and you’re free to do something more interesting than staring at a meter in a car park.
If you want to know exactly how much money you’re potentially wasting on charging or refuelling your car without a home charging station for your EV and without solar panels to lower your electricity costs, read ‘How To Fuel Your Car For Free’, our in-depth assessment of Zappi.
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